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John Deinum

Partner and Consultant of Robertson, Eadie & Associates

John Deinum is a partner of Robertson, Eadie & Associates. He has over 25 years of experience in the pension industry.

John is involved in all aspects of pension consulting, including the design, implementation and administration of both defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans. He assists clients in the establishment of their pension governance process including the development of investment policies and the selection of investment managers for their pension funds. He also has experience in merger and acquisition due diligence and in both the wind-up of existing pension plans and the partial spin-off of plans after a sale. He has extensive valuation experience.

John currently serves as chair on the Pension Research Committee of the Society of Actuaries and has chaired a Working Group studying the impact of insufficient retirement savings. John has served on a Working Group on the ASA Component of the Redesign of the Society of Actuaries’ Education and Examination system and a Canadian Institute of Actuaries committee providing input to the Ontario Ministry of Finance regarding pension reform. He assisted the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters in drafting the CME’s response to the Ontario Expert Pension Commission (Arthurs Commission).

He has been a frequent public speaker and has made presentations to industry groups and to employee groups on various pension matters including pension governance, accounting and tax related issues.

John graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Statistics and is a Fellow of both the Society of Actuaries and the Canadian Institute of Actuaries.